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    IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)

    Bay SensorTec manufactures IMUs on the basis of capacitive and piezo-resistive technology. Both are accelerometers, whereby the capacitive sensors mainly cover small measuring ranges from +/- 1g to +/- 200g in the IMU-M and are temperature-compensated and signal-reinforced, which also applies to the rotation rate sensors. The gyrosensors’ measuring ranges start at 50°/s and will go up to 600°/s, other measuring ranges are available on request. The piezo-resistive sensors (full bridge) can be used in the IMU-C for automobile safety crash tests with measuring ranges up to+/- 2000g. The gyrosensors’ measuring ranges start at 900°/s and 1500°/s, other measuring ranges will follow shortly. These sensors have a differential output signal and can of course be equipped with Dallas and shunt.
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