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    Uniaxial & triaxial Gyro-Sensors

    Precise and reliable Gyro-Sensors with high-performance We have extended our product family. The new Gyro-Sensors type BST 83G are designed for applications in the automotive development, the testing and development of trains and trucks and last but not least also for measurements at wind wheels, skyscrapers or bridges. Due to their very small sizes the aluminium housed sensors can be easily mounted on difficult positions. Another useful advantage of the BST 83G is its rugged PUR cable that enables you to pass the sensor even through narrow spaces. The measurement ranges extend from 75 degree per second (BST 83GxM) to 2700 degree per second (BST 83GxC). An unregulated supply voltage between 5 V and 28 V is possible. You receive an amplified and temperature compensated (-20° to 80°C) signal output. A triaxial mounting block for our very small uniaxial sensor is available. Off course you’ll also find our precise and reliable sensor elements in our high-performance BST IMUs (Inertial Measurement Unit).
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